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"Per capita, IIT has produced more millionaires than any other undergraduate institution.

-- Salon Magazine

Director's Message

With its 530-acre campus in a picturesque river valley in the Shivalik Range, IIT Mandi is the only IIT in the Himalayas. In its 6 years of existence, IIT Mandi has made rapid strides towards its vision of being “a leader in science and technology education, knowledge creation and innovation, in an India marching towards a just, inclusive and sustainable society”. Over 80 faculty are active in research and teaching in several areas of engineering, sciences and the humanities. Faculty have received research grants totaling over Rs. 10 crores and the Institute has invested over Rs. 50 crores in state-of-the-art labs and a workshop. IIT Mandi was the first new IIT to start using its permanent campus in May 2012. Today, all the B.Tech. students and many of the PG students and faculty live and study in this new residential campus. The IIT Mandi alumni already number over 320 BTech, 13 MS and 7 PhD graduates. Most of these alumni have been hired by India's top companies. About 10% of our alumni have gone on for higher studies in leading universities in India, North America and Europe. Our students have the exceptional training in basics of sciences and engineering and in their discipline that is the hallmark of the IIT graduate. In addition, our design-oriented B.Tech. curriculum makes them uniquely suited for an engineering career. They are exposed to real-world engineering problem-solving throughout their 4 year programme. For instance, in the 4th semester Design Practicum, inter-disciplinary teams of students take up real-world needs and by the end of the semester they design and fabricate a working prototype product. With a budget of Rs. 25,000, award-winning projects include an intelligent drip irrigation system, a 3D printer, an autonomous garbage collector, etc. In the 3rd year, many of our BTech students participate in the unique Interactive Socio-Technical Practicum. Here, they explore the impact of new technologies on society, often doing field work in villages and towns in the neighbourhood. Typical projects include alleviation of traffic congestion in Mandi town, mechanisation in terraced farms in the Himalayas, and education and livelihood for village women. The MS is a Masters degree in engineering with a thesis option. In this open-ended thesis, students learn to work independently and in great depth on a problem. Their thesis must contain globally novel contributions to the discipline. Thus, the MS graduate is well suited to take a lead role in engineering design. Research by our MS and PhD students has achieved global recognition in international journals and conferences. On behalf of the faculty and students of IIT Mandi, I invite you to participate in our placement process. I am confident that you will find it a rewarding experience.

Prof. T.A.Gonsalves