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"Per capita, IIT has produced more millionaires than any other undergraduate institution.

-- Salon Magazine

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We, here at IIT Mandi, value the relationship we have with our recruiters. Building a campus presence not only enables companies to lay groundwork before the actual hiring process but also helps in them building a repute within the student community. Keeping this in mind, the placement cell helps companies in conducting:

Campus Tours

Send a representative of your company to our institute to interact with the placement cell and get to feel the environment within our young institute. Our ever helpful student volunteers make sure that the representative gets to know everything right from the academic structure and demographics to the momentous research projects which are pursued enthusiastically by groups of B. Techs, M. S. and Ph. D. Students in collaboration.

Pre-Placement Talks

Companies can directly interact with the student community via pre-placement talks and workshops. We encourage you to conduct such talks to get to know our students and give them an opportunity to interact with senior officials of your company. It also helps to strengthen the bond companies share with the institute.

We also help companies in arranging summer/winter internships. This helps companies during the actual hiring process by evaluating the performance of the interns during their term at the company. Any other suggestions or questions regarding the registration and placement procedures are welcome.


The Career and Placement Cell,
IIT Mandi (Kamand Campus)
Himachal Pradesh, India
Phone Numbers: +91-1905-267005/6
Email - placement[at]iitmandi[dot]ac[dot]in

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Varun Dutt

Dr. Varun Dutt

Dr. Hitesh Shrimali

Dr. Rajneesh Sharma

Dr.Sunny Zafar

Dr.Sunny Zafar

Dr.Sunny Zafar

Dr.Manoj Thakur

Other members of the Career and Placement Cell are :

Career and Placement cell Executive

Nimisha N.B.
+91-7807625022 nimisha@iitmandi.ac.in
Office Assistant

+91-9459366121 cnpcell@iitmandi.ac.in
Overall Coordinators
Aman Jain +91-7807104918 b16044@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Aditya Singh +91-9892427631 b16085@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Career session cordinators
Nikhil T R +91-7018072497, 7807118120 b16066@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Khushi Gupta +91-7807554802 b17048@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Computer Science and Engineering
Hrishiklesh Sagar (Branch head) +91-7023415039 b16029@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Neeraj Kumar Sharma +91-9929482333 b17050@Students.iitmandi.ac.in
Prajjwal Jha +91-8962884701 b17051@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Akash Dakoor +91-9515626370 b17032@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Electrical Engineering
Piyush Patil(Branch head) +91-9403281144/8830200000 b16019@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Vaishali +91-7807557240 b17148@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Swarna Bisane +91- 7648975219 b17145@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Piyush Bafna +91-8317345090 b17020@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Shashi Kumar Fagna +91-9079718227 b17141@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Civil Engineering
Purvesh Chhajed(Branch head) +91-8989773933 b16070@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Saurabh Singh +91-8273253850 b17023@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Raj Kumar +91-9113188264 b17021@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Sanjeev Singh Yadav +91-9457513683 b17022@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Mechanical Engineering
Naveen Kumar(Branch head) +91-7733813981 b16105@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Gautom Asopa +91-7568644287/9079922127 b17121@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Hritik Dev +91-9149056465 b17122@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Post Graduate
Anurag kumar (M.Sc. Physics) +91-8447584945 v18073@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Jagriti Ahuja (M.Sc Physics) +91- 9013471010 v18065@students.iitmandi.ac.in
Abhishek jain (M.Sc Chemistry) +91-9891094354 v18033@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Rajdi Soni (M.Sc. Chemistry) +91-7897181632 v18045@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Arishi Orra (M.Sc.Mathematics) +91- 8299663510 v18002@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Mantu Prasad Gupta (M.Sc Mathematics) +91- 6370723274 v18024@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Ankur Kumar (M.Tech Biotechnology) +91- 8090101052 t18204@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Gudivada Jayanthlal (M.Tech Biotechnology) +91- 8790058370 t18205@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Anand Shaw (M.Tech Structural Engg.) +91- 7278698142 t18106@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Varun Sharma (M.Tech Structural Engg.) +91- 9459742976 t18101@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Shobhit Nigam, M.Tech SE (EE) with Material +91- 9532044474 t18177@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Rahul Singh, M.Tech SE (EE) with Material +91- 9149050463 t18178@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Harsh Arora, M.Tech SE (EE) with Material +91- 6395693968 t18163@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Anshul Mehrotra, M.Tech SE(ME) ES +91- 9407017174 t18141@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Shubham Mishra (M.Tech VLSI) +91- 9818541496 t18013@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Adrash (M.Tech VLSI) +91- 8059509392 t18008@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Parth Patel (M.Tech PED) +91-8511598859 t18069@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Vishnu Prasad J (M.Tech PED) +91-8281297496 t18064@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Subhanshu Sahu (M.Tech CSP) +91-9958667991 t18040@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Supriyo banerjee (M.Tech CSP) +91-9041018199 t18031@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Rajat Chaudhary (M.A Development studies) +91-9041018199 a18008@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Nikita Aggarwal (M.A Development studies) +91-9418045601 a18005@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Nikhil Mathew (MS) +91-8580417950 s18008@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Anirudh Singh (MS) +91-9478937677 s16011@student.iitmandi.ac.in
Abhimanyu (PhD) +91-9419216340 d15014@student.iitmandi.ac.in